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Denver Landlord Tips: Navigating Licensing and Legal Requirements

A Landlord’s Guide to Renting Property in Denver

As a landlord in Denver, there are several key pieces of information you need to be aware of to ensure you’re compliant with local regulations and to make the most of your investment property. Here’s a concise guide to help you navigate the essentials.


Licensing Requirements for Residential Rental Properties

As of January 1, 2023, all residential rental properties in Denver are required to have a residential rental property license. This applies to all types of rental properties, including single-family homes, duplexes, and apartment complexes. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that rental properties meet basic health and safety standards.


Steps to Obtain a Rental License

Application: Landlords must apply for a residential rental property license through the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses.

Inspection: A third-party inspection is required to verify that the property meets the minimum housing standards.

Fees: There are associated fees with both the application and inspection processes.

Health and Safety Standards

The inspection process focuses on key areas such as:

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: These must be installed and in working order.
  • Heating Systems: The property must have a functional heating system.
  • Plumbing: All plumbing fixtures must be in good working condition.
  • Structural Integrity: The property must be free of any structural hazards.


Annual Requirements and Renewals

Licenses must be renewed annually, and properties may be subject to periodic inspections to ensure continued compliance with health and safety standards. Failure to obtain or renew a rental license can result in fines and other penalties.


Legal Considerations for Landlords

Landlords should also be familiar with the Colorado Landlord-Tenant Law. Here are some key points:


Security Deposits: The maximum time a landlord has to return a tenant’s security deposit is one month, unless otherwise agreed upon in the lease, but not to exceed 60 days.

Habitability Standards: Landlords are responsible for ensuring that the rental property is habitable, which includes maintaining plumbing, heating, and electrical systems, as well as keeping the property free from pests and ensuring it is structurally sound.

Eviction Process

Understanding the eviction process is crucial. In Denver, evictions must be carried out in compliance with state laws, which generally require:


  1. Notice: Providing proper notice to the tenant, which can vary depending on the reason for eviction.
  2. Court Filing: Filing an eviction lawsuit in court if the tenant does not vacate after receiving notice.
  3. Court Hearing: Attending a court hearing where both parties can present their case.
  4. Eviction Order: If the court rules in favor of the landlord, an eviction order is issued, and law enforcement can remove the tenant if necessary.


Property Management Best Practices

  • To manage your property effectively, consider the following best practices:
  • Regular Maintenance: Proactively maintaining your property helps prevent larger issues and ensures tenant satisfaction.
  • Clear Lease Agreements: Use clear and comprehensive lease agreements to set expectations and protect your interests.
  • Tenant Screening: Conduct thorough tenant screenings to ensure reliable and responsible tenants.


Contact Me for Your Next Investment Property

Navigating the complexities of property management and local regulations can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. With over 20 years of experience in the Denver real estate market, I am here to help you buy or sell your next investment property with confidence. My expertise and extensive network ensures that all transactions are handled with integrity, transparency, and the latest technology.


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For more detailed information, you can also refer to the official Denver Residential Rental Property FAQs . You can start the application process here.


To your success in real estate!

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