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Market Update Aurora (80010)

Vida Real Proprties Won't You be my Neighbor?

In this issue of Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Vida Real Properties looks at the real estate market conditions for Aurora’s 80010 zip code.This area is located in central Aurora with boundaries generally defined by  Peoria/Yosemite and 6th Ave/26th Ave. This area has historically been an affordable area and was highly impacted during the last recession. Many homes lost values, some as much as 50%. However, new developments, led by the Fitzimmons Medical Center, have made 80010 a popular choice for homebuyers.

 Single Family Inventory Sold  

SFR Homes Sold July – Sept 2017

104 single family residences have been sold in 80010 in the last 90 days. The median and average prices are very close at $255k and $262k, respectively. The median prices in 80010 is one of the lowest prices you can find, representing about 67% of the overall price for the metro area.  As far as solds, they are mostly 3bed/1bath homes with a total square footage of 1,344 using the median figure. Let’s look at the active homes for sale:

Single Family Inventory Sold and Active For Sale

SFR Available For Sale 80010

As far as single family residences, only 29 are available for sale in the 80010 zip code. These home are a tad larger with the median total square footage of 1,872 and price just under $280k.  The price per square feet is still very competitive with the housing market in the metro area. As far as demographics, crime stats and school data for Aurora’s 80010 zip code, you can visit City Data’s detailed profile.


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