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Working with Credit Repair Companies

Because your credit is a huge part of being able to qualify for a loan, resolving credit problems and securing that higher FICO score is paramount. There are definitely ways to improve your credit. However, if your are needing to resolve some negative items on your report, you can find it stressful, frustrating and time consuming. Both for-profit and non-profit organizations have been around for many years to help consumers find solutions. Non-profit companies may work better to negotiate debt and lower interest rates on existing accounts. There may be a small initial fee to get you started with them. They also provide financial education and an in-depth analysis of your family budget. In general, they will help you understand how credit and credit reporting works, but it is up to you do the leg work.

For-profit companies have had a history of charging people for services which at many times, clients have not been satisfied and felt overcharged. However, recent changes in laws have protected consumers from being taken advantage by the bad characters in the credit repair industry. Like any business, there will be good and there will be bad. It is recommended that if you have a number of credit issues to deal with and you would rather have someone else do the legwork for you, that you have a conversation with a representative to find how they work.

As a Realtor working for the benefit of my clients, I am very careful which businesses I refer. Ideal Credit is a local company that offers credit repair solutions at an affordable price. They have been recommended by several lenders as well, so I decided to interview Alexis Pacheco.  They’re worth checking out at the very least. Check out my interview with Alexis.

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