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Advocacy and Empowerment: Maria Teresa Kumar’s Riveting Message at NAHREP at L’Attitude 2023

In late September, I had the distinct privilege to be among the thousands who attended the 2023 NAHREP at L’Attitude conference in Miami, FL. The conference gathered an assortment of real estate professionals, industry top leaders, and business executives dedicated to empowering the Latino community. Among the standout speakers was Colombian immigrant and CEO of Voto Latino, Maria Teresa Kumar, whose presentation was nothing short of a master class in mobilizing a community through political engagement. 

A Platform of Influence: Addressing Thousands

The fact that Kumar spoke to thousands at the NAHREP event underscores the magnitude of her message and its far-reaching implications. This was not just a talk; it was a call to action on a grand scale, aimed at a community that is increasingly pivotal in shaping the future of this nation.

Maria Teresa Kumar: A Voice for the Latino Community

Kumar focused her remarks on the urgent need for political participation among Latinos, a demographic that is too often overlooked and underrepresented. She highlighted the disconcerting reality that 60% of eligible Latino voters are under the age of 33. Yet, most political parties aim their outreach at older, high-frequency voters, effectively sidelining a youthful and vibrant segment of our community.


Key Issues at the Forefront

Kumar was pointed in addressing the issues most pertinent to young Latino voters, such as immigration reform, housing affordability, and access to healthcare. Her focus on these issues emphasized the necessity to understand the unique struggles and aspirations of the people we aim to serve.

Self-Reliance and Political Savvy

Kumar’s call to action was clear: The Latino community must advocate for itself, betting on its strength and influence rather than waiting for change to happen. This aligns perfectly with the ethos I have carried through over two decades in the housing and real estate sectors: empowerment through informed action.

Where NAHREP and Kumar’s Message Meet

Her remarks struck a chord with the guidelines set forth in The NAHREP 10, particularly the 7th Principle, “Be Politically Savvy because public policy matters.” The message is clear: Political savvy isn’t optional; it is essential for the empowerment and upliftment of our community.

Concluding Thoughts

Maria Teresa Kumar’s presentation was more than just inspiring; it was a roadmap for community engagement and empowerment. Speaking to thousands at the NAHREP at L’Attitude event, her words have the potential to instigate a movement of informed and proactive citizens. And this is a message that not only resonates with me personally but aligns closely with the principles I have long championed in my professional life.

So let’s rise to Kumar’s call to action. Let’s be politically savvy, engage with the political process, and work together for the betterment of our community. It’s high time we started “betting on ourselves.”

In doing so, we not only contribute to our personal success but strengthen our community as a whole. And that, my friends, is a cause worth fighting for.

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