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Aurora Newer Homes

Are you interested in a new home in Aurora? Maybe you are debating new construction. In this Won’t You Be My Neighbor? edition, we look homes in the city of Aurora that are newer than 2013 and priced at or under $450,000.  The chart below shows the properties that been sold in the last three monthts that meet those requirements. We first have to consider that this period is during the winter months. There were 25 homes sold with a median listing price of $425,000 for a three (3) bedroom and three (3) bath home with 3,275 sq. ft. (all median).

City of Aurora- Homes Sold (<90 days, 2013+  and under $450,000)

When we look at the homes available for sale at the end of February 2018, you can see that overall these homes are much smaller and about $20,000 less. The statistics for the fourteen homes available for sale are shown below. 

City of Aurora- Homes for Sale (2013+  and under $450,000)

By comparison, homes that are for sale and older than 2013 have a median listing price of $362, 450. The difference with these homes is that the above street level is 600 sq. ft. bigger. There is no doubt that the newer homes will have newer floor layout designs, updated finishing including kitchen and bathroom fixtures and will typically be in better condition.
Do newer homes interest you? Would you rather buy an older home and invest in some remodeling efforts instead? I hope that if you are interested in Aurora properties that this information helps you get a good idea of the inventory available for you. Give me a call if you are considering selling or buying in this area and we can talk in greater detail about your needs and wants. You can email me at rogelio@vidabroker.com or call 303-728-9433.
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