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Maybe this write-up is more of a rant but I think you can still find something of value. You would think that mere common sense would prevail when deciding on what photos to use to market a property on MLS. The truth is that real agents in the Denver area post photos that makes you say “really??”. Below are actual active or recent photos used in the MLS (click to enlarge).

It’s dark, owner is cooking; let’s feature the photo.



Nice yard. Make it the main pic.



No, it’s not your eyes.



We don’t need to actually see the room right?



Want polarizing? Religion and politics will do it.



Never mind us.

Let’s feature our fire waiting to happen.

Why even waste gas? Just use Google maps!




Just for curiosity I looked at sales for an area for homes with 0-2 photos and compared them to those with 3 or more photos on MLS. The latter sold for almost 6% higher on average. Coincedence? Needless to say, I shall not partake in this madness. You shouldn’t either. As always, I can assist you with your real estate needs. Just email atrogelio@rentandbuyhome.com or call/text 720-253-8513.


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