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Septiembre: Mes de la Herencia Hispana

   Sabemos que, en la vida cotidiana, cada familia enfrenta el día con mucha fuerza de luchar, trabajar, progresar y crear un futuro mejor. Lo malo es que los medios, las noticias y la política muestra una narrativa todo lo… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus: los propietarios pueden retrasar los pagos de la hipoteca hasta 12 meses

Dhara Singh es Reportero de Cashay y Yahoo Finance Los propietarios de viviendas que enfrentan dificultades financieras debido a la pandemia de coronavirus podrían retrasar sus pagos hipotecarios hasta por un año. Si usted es un propietario de vivienda que… Continue Reading →

Your Title Ownership Options

If you will be sharing title to a property in the state of Colorado, the ownership type on your deed may give you and the other person(s) different ownership rights than you thought.  This is also applicable to entities like… Continue Reading →

Actualización de Mercado Agosto 2019

Por Rogelio Rodriguez, Vida Real Properties & Services Aquí les presento este articulo para saber si los precios han subido, bajado, si el mercado sigue caliente, si hay más casas de que escoger, etc.. (Pueden buscar casas aquí.) El reporte… Continue Reading →

Establishing Good Credit

Original Article By Ideal Credit What are the best options for consumers to establish positive credit? Transactions and payment activity make up a third of the data used to calculate a person’s credit scores. Typically, the bureaus prefer to see… Continue Reading →

Working with Credit Repair Companies

Because your credit is a huge part of being able to qualify for a loan, resolving credit problems and securing that higher FICO score is paramount. There are definitely ways to improve your credit. However, if your are needing to… Continue Reading →

No Transaction Fees Here

You probably know that real estate agents typically earn their income by charging a commission calculated as a percentage of the sales price of the home. You would think that is enough compensation. However, whether the client is the buyer… Continue Reading →

6 Razones Para Ser Dueño de Casa

No me van a creer, pero hay gente que sigue prefiriendo rentar que ser dueño de casa. No hay duda de que en el área de Denver especialmente las casas son caras… al igual que rentar. Siempre es necesario medir… Continue Reading →

Green Valley Ranch Market Update May 2018

 In this Won’t You Be My Neighbor? edition, we look at the home inventory in Green Valley Ranch in Northeast Denver,  Colorado with the zip code of 80249.   The chart below displays the sold prices for homes in the last year… Continue Reading →

To Fix or Not to Fix

Spring brings renewed energy to work on projects around the house, sell or throw away unwanted items, and if you are thinking about selling, you may ask yourself “What improvements should I make to the house before selling?” or “How… Continue Reading →

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