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Colorado Springs is Hot

In this Won’t You Be My Neighbor? edition, Vida Real Properties looks at a statewide picture of single-family residential transactions. I had a hunch about more activity in the Colorado Springs area due to homes available in a more affordable price range than the Denver Metro area. Just look at the number of closings by county in the month of March in the chart below.


March 2018 Closings. All data from the multiple listing services in the state of Colorado. | SortStats © 2018 ShowingTime.

These are top counties by population in Colorado:

Estimated Population 2017. U.S. Census Bureau.

Colorado Springs had almost twice as many closings as the next county, Jefferson, with 1,137 in March. You can also see that this is actually a decrease from a year ago, but an increase in medial sales price of 11.8%. Most of the counties have seen a decrease in new homes for sale but the statistics shows how many people are flocking to Colorado Springs. It is a growing metropolitan city along the I-25 corridor with median prices right around $300,000 and within 1 – 2 hours from Denver.  Pueblo is still far behind on the chart but it would not be surprising if it were to move up the rankings in the next few years.

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