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Did Someone Die Here?

Halloween is this weekend, Dia de los Muertos is shortly after that and until Game of Thrones returns, The Walking Dead reigns. So it makes sense you may be thinking “did someone die in my home?”. Ok, it’s a bit of a stretch but you probably did ask yourself that question at one point or another. Well, there is a website that says they can find that information for you.  The site DiedInHouse.com claims it uses data from over 130 million police records, news reports, old death certificates and more to find out if anything that brings a chill down your spine ever happened at the specified address.
In states like California, sellers must disclose related information from the past three years that may stigmatize the property. Not so in Colorado. Even the site states: Colorado law states that a homicide, felony or, suicide are not material facts subject to a disclosure requirement in a real estate transaction. I wrote a little about this when the movie Annabelle was out. You won’t find that the house is haunted, someone was killed or hung themselves on seller property disclosures or from the real estate agent. But maybe if you are really, really curious and want to unearth some interesting/scary/terrifying findings, go ahead and check the website out. I by no means endorse or support using that service but if you want to pay they’ll be happy to take your money. Good luck!
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