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Doing Your Own Remodel

Are you considering taking on a home remodel project on your own? If so, you may be wondering a few things:

1. Do you need to pull a permit?
2. Is there a chance you may start a project than find out that you don’t have the time, tools or skills  to do the job?
3. Will you run out of funds before completing the project?
4. Will the job even turn out as you thought?

Those are good questions. First of all, according to the City and County of Denver, “No permit is required for simple projects that only replace (like-for-like) existing cabinets, countertops, tiling, flooring in the same configuration, and/or like-for-like electrical, plumbing or ventilation fixtures.” You will need one if you’re changing the floor plan, making structural changes or if you will have new or relocated electrical/plumbing fixtures. Now, did you know that there is a homeowner’s exam to show proficiency in doing the project? If you pass, you can do the project yourself instead of hiring a contractor.
How about the cost? Get a few quotes from professionals with a separate figure for labor and materials. Run your numbers and compare them.

Here are some useful links:
Denver’s Project Guide for Interior Remodel Projects
Cost Estimates of Projects
AsktheBuilder Videos
HomeAdditionPlus Videos
Home Depot Workshops

Good luck with your project!

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