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Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch

In this Won’t You Be My Neighbor? edition, we visit Green Valley Ranch in northeast Denver The map above shows the area covered by Green Valley Ranch. Traditionally, Tower Rd and 56th Ave have been the boundaries on the west and north side but new development on both sides have broadened the description of GRV. Below are statistics for the last three months for detached homes sold in this area. There were 131 transactions on the system. 
 The average sale price of $273,712 was for three-bed, three-bath homes. This just a tad short of the average listing prices. Green Valley Ranch has plenty of builder homes providing enough space for a growing family. Two-car attached garages are very typical. There are many multi-level and 2-story homes with and without basements. Lot sizes do vary in size from anywhere in the 4,000 sq.ft. range to up to 10,000sq. ft.
With huge development projects in the works and and the light rail opening very soon, look at Green Valley Ranch to get even hotter. Keep me in mind if you you are considering selling or buying in this area to get you more specific information. You can email me at rogelio@vidabroker.com or call/text 720-253-8513.
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