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Real Estate and Your Health

  I was inspired to write about the connection between where you live and your health after sharing an article about this from Colorado Public Radio. You can read the article by clicking here.

  It’s one of those things that it makes sense intuitively but it’s only confirmed and accepted after official studies are made and published. This one particularly looks at average life expectancy by neighborhoods in the Denver Metro Area. According to the article, “Denver’s widest gap — 11 years between Globeville’s 73 and Washington Park’s 84”. I can’t say that clients list life expectancy or health as a top priority when looking for a home. Maybe it’s just understood that a “better” neighbhorhood comes with the package of better health, schools, security, access, neighbors and so on. Price normally is the limiting factor but it doesn’t mean the end. Buyers may not find all the desirable features in a neighborhood but there may be a few things they can build on: bikepath, natural produce store or farm market, park, trees, shops within walking distance, etc.  As a community, homeowners can also take action to improve their neighborhood from involvement at school to connecting with their city representatives. Below are some resources that could be of use to existing and future homeowners.

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