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Rentals on MLS

 The end January 2015 is here and there is plenty going on in the real estate world. Here is just one. There is a new feature that could impact a greater number of my subscribers. Metrolist is offering the listing of rental properties through www.recolorado.com in an effort to provide a more comprehensive real estate service to both agents and customers. I will emphasize that the services is only marketing the rental property, not necessarily managing it. In this market, any landlord will have very little trouble in getting plenty of rental applications. However, it could help with the quality of the applications and in providing more details on the property.
As in a purchase listing, representation, setting up showings, assistance with providing market information and appropriate documentation would be part of the services provided by the listing agent. My primary services are still in the buying and selling of a home but this is a new opportunity that I could pass on to my clients.
Interested? Just email at rogelio@rentandbuyhome.com or text 720-253-8513.

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