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Buyer Services

Buyer Agent
By agreement, we represent you as a buyer’s agent and commit to working in behalf of your best interest. More than 15 years of experience does make a difference in providing you with the best service in your purchase. Below is a partial list of how we can assist you when buying a home.

Home Buyers Class
Especially for first time buyers, we recommend taking these free classes that are offered throughout the metropolitan area. Participants are presented with the CHFA certificate of completion that allows the buyer to take advantage of down payment programs. In fact, Rogelio Rodriguez, has presented some of these classes for more than eight years for nonprofit agencies and has organized the curriculum for them.

Working with the Lender
Your loan financing of the purchase is critical.  Vida Real Properties can assist you in choosing your lender / bank. Issues of interest, closing costs, types of loan programs, quality of service and communication are things that the buyer must keep in mind when choosing a lender. We make sure you have direct communication and have no doubt about your financing. You can get started by filling out a  standard loan application.

Finding You the Best Home
This is the fun part but it can also be frustrating. We take care to finding the house you want that meets your financing requirements as well. You can use our search tool to find properties directly from MLS or we can set you up on auto-emails that send you properties that meet your criteria as soon as they hit the market.  (Relate Blogs: Buyers in Crisis)
Submit Offer
An agent with no experience and knowledge can cost thousands of dollars and give you headaches. First of all we help you understand the contract before signing anything. In a seller’s market, you want to make sure you take advantage of strategies that will get your offer to the top of the seller’s list. (Relate Blogs: The Better Offer, “Seller, You Will Take My Offer!”)
Fulfilling Contingencies
We then exercise our duty in carrying out all diligence necessary to get to closing and to protect your earnest money in case contract termination is required. Paying attention to title requirements, inspection, appraisal and loan conditions are parts of the process we help with.
General Information
Vida Real Properties offers its blogs and articles, the search engines, links to resources and more so that you are more informed about the issue of buying your home. Whenever you can contact us directly with a call or text 720-263-4165 or email to rogelio@vidabroker.com.

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