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Selecting Your New Hood

In the homebuyer classes that I facilitate, the curriculum emphasizes selecting the right neighborhood over the best home for your money. In others words, find the home that meets your essential needs but make sure the neighborhood is not just good enough, but a great one. Not only the quality of your life will be impacted, but also the value of your home. Especially during periods of a struggling economy, lower quality areas will feel a disproportionate loss in property values. Things to consider about the community:

  • proximity to commercial centers
  • main road arteries
  • access to parks and recreational centers
  • public transportation
  • the quality of schools
  • low crime rates
  • road conditions
  • cleanliness
  • fracking
  • pollution

In Colorado, agents are only obligated for sharing material facts about the property. However, it is perfectly to ask the agent for resources that provide information about the neighborhood. In fact, in hopes of becoming your agent, here are a few links you might find useful right now!:


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(article updated 04/02/2017)
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