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The NAHREP 10: Guidelines to Success

Yes.. it’s already the end of January but don’t worry, you still have 11 months to get some good things done before 2016 turns the page. I have thought of my list and do have some specific targets in mind, but I think I needed to to think bigger. Good thing NAHREP came out with this simple document called “The NAHREP 10: Guidelines to Success” to put things into perspective. I hope you can also make use if it yourself (see image below and click to enlarge). I have been involved with NAHREP (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals)  in one way or another for almost 10 years now. Currently, I am a member of the local board of directors and we will be rolling out some events and activities in support of the NAHREP’s Hispanic Wealth Project which is where these guidelines came from. In the words of the NAHREP Foundation, NAHREP’s 501c3 arm:
       “The Hispanic Wealth Project is a plan to build a blueprint for Hispanic wealth creation: to identify the specific assets in which Hispanic wealth can be accumulated, to support Hispanic access to such assets, to guide the stewardship of such assets, and to begin a dialogue around wealth for Hispanic communities that raises ambitions, brings focus to pursuits that may lead to greatness and embraces the tangible metrics by which Hispanic achievements can be counted.”

The principles above obviously can help anyone so be sure to share. I also hope you’ll be hearing more about the Hispanic Wealth Project. There are some things that I have already been working on for my services. Blogs are available, even searchable by topic, at www.vidabroker.com. You can also share individual blogs/posts/articles via social media and write your own comments.  There is always more to come.
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