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Establishing Good Credit

Original Article By Ideal Credit What are the best options for consumers to establish positive credit? Transactions and payment activity make up a third of the data used to calculate a person’s credit scores. Typically, the bureaus prefer to see… Continue Reading →

Working with Credit Repair Companies

Because your credit is a huge part of being able to qualify for a loan, resolving credit problems and securing that higher FICO score is paramount. There are definitely ways to improve your credit. However, if your are needing to… Continue Reading →

¿Cómo puedo obtener y mantener un buen puntaje de crédito?

No hay secretos o accesos directos a la creación de una calificación crediticia fuerte. Seguir estas directrices debe ayudarle: Pague sus cuentas a tiempo, todo el tiempo. No se acerque al límite de crédito. Un largo historial de crédito le… Continue Reading →

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