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Ethics and Integrity 

Our Commitment to Putting Clients First

Expertise & Experience

Over 20 years in real estate, with a background in mortgage lending and housing counseling.

Tech-Savvy & Data-Driven

Leveraging technology and data for innovative real estate solutions.

Yes You Can!

Whether it's your first home or your short term rental investment, one guiding principal is that it IS possible to make it happen. Let me guide you to navigate the process to make IT happen!

Buying a Home

Navigate the home buying process with ease, thanks to our expert guidance and bilingual support.

• Wide Network: Best Lenders & Banks

 Vendor Connections: Contractors, Inspectors

 Negotiation Skills: Secure Favorable Terms

 Advanced Communication: Stay Informed

 Cutting-Edge Tech: Find Ideal Homes

 Lender Experience: Prepare for Buying

 Financing Expertise: Simplify Complexities

 Personalized Home Matching

 Market Insight: Trends & Valuations

 Full Support: Search to Closing

Selling Your Property

Sell with Confidence: No Chance, Just Expert Results

• Expert Local Market Knowledge

• Proven Track Record of Sales

• Strong Negotiation Skills

• Extensive Marketing Strategies

• Personalized Seller Support

• Professional Network Access

• Stress-Free Transaction Handling

• Compliance with Legal Standards


Maximize your returns by working with a professional who understands your goals.

• Strategic Planning for Investors

 Experience with 1031 Exchanges

 Helps with Investment Metrics

 Connects with Reliable Contractors

 Access to Financing Options

 International Investing

 Short Term Rentals

 Insightful Market Analysis

Business Consulting

Enhance opportunities for growth. 

• Comprehensive Business Data Access

 Advanced Technology Tool Integration

 Accurate Business Valuation Services

 Strong Connections to Funding Sources

 Strategic Growth and Expansion Planning

 Expert Market Trend Analysis

 Customized Business Solutions

 The bottom line: Profitability

I have received many positive feedbacks and testimonials from my clients. Here are some of the comments that have been shared with me. 

I worked with Rogelio while purchasing my first home and he helped me so much during my process. He made everything so much easier for me to understand and know exactly what I need to do before closing! I would 100% recommend him.

Claudia H

Very good job that Mr. Rogelio Rodriguez did, very reliable, very fast, with great seriousness and responsibility in each and every one of the procedures for buying and selling a house. We are very satisfied with your work. Thank you so much.

Josue C

Rogelio was great to work with! Really knowledgeable, hard-working, and communicative. He helped us through the entire home selling process. Would definitely recommend him!

Ahni H

Why eXp Realty?

  1. Preferred Partner Program: eXp Realty offers a marketplace for home-buying and selling services such as mortgages, title, escrow, moving services, and home warranties, providing a comprehensive service experience.
  2. Marketplace Partnerships: The program ensures seamless transactions with various services set up for eXp agents and their clients.
  3. Cloud-Based Platform: eXp Realty's unique cloud-based platform gives agents access to technology, training, and support to maximize home exposure and pricing.
  4. Global Collaboration: eXp agents collaborate with industry experts globally, ensuring high-quality service and expertise.
  5. Stock Ownership Opportunities: eXp Realty offers stock options, potentially increasing in value due to the company's growth.
  6. Revenue Sharing: eXp Realty has a revenue sharing program for its agents, benefiting investors with optional revenue sharing.
  7. Lead Generation Program: eXp Realty provides a robust lead generation program, offering a significant number of leads per month to its agents.
  8. ExpressOffers iBuying Program: This program keeps eXp agents in the transaction as trusted advisors, whether the seller uses ExpressOffers or chooses the open market.
  9. Agent Success Obsession: eXp Realty is focused on helping agents and brokers succeed professionally and grow financially.
  10. Co-Branding Opportunities: eXp agents in the U.S. and Canada can co-brand their names with eXp's, maintaining their personal brand while leveraging eXp's resources.

These benefits highlight eXp Realty's commitment to providing comprehensive support and resources to its agents, which in turn benefits their clients in real estate transactions.

Rogelio's Blog

Market trends, mortgage programs, op eds and more.. Blogs are my way of sharing my experience, knowledge, connections and even some opinions.

At Vida Properties eXp Realty e work ethically and competently for our clients. We respect all people and seek the best outcome to achieve their objectives. We honor our duties, learn from our actions, and support our team. We are proud of our excellence.

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