Denver 80219 Market Update June 2021

Denver 80219 Market Update June 2021

  Do you live or want to live in Denver’s west side, 80219 to be specific? This is the market update you want to read.    Interesting Data So let’s start first by looking at some interesting information about Denver’s 80219.  The chart below shows...
Denver Market Turning … or Not

Denver Market Turning … or Not

     Is the Denver market turning? Not only has the weather cooled off (finally) but so has the hot real estate market. This is seasonal pattern that is natural to Denver so it is not really the best indicator of whether the market has plateaued or much worse, if we...
Park Hill Market Update  (80207)

Park Hill Market Update (80207)

In this Won’t You Be My Neighbor? edition, we look at Denver’s 80207 zip code which is where you can find the Park Hill neighborhood. The map above shows the outline of the zip code. The table below shows all sold homes for the last three (3) months.  As...
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