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Picture This

Maybe this write-up is more of a rant but I think you can still find something of value. You would think that mere common sense would prevail when deciding on what photos to use to market a property on MLS. The truth is that real agents in the Denver area post photos...
Is the Housing Market Cooling?

Is the Housing Market Cooling?

These are some of the headlines you may have come across lately regarding the housing market:     The Fed Will Probably Raise Interest Rates Twice in 2015     Red-hot Denver housing market cools a bit in July, says Zillow     Is Denver’s residential real estate...
Refinancing vs. Buying and Selling

Refinancing vs. Buying and Selling

   At some point home owners will begin thinking debating about selling or refinancing their home. Let’s look at both options. Why refinance? Typically it’s a financial decision. The lender will offer you a lower rate and promise great savings. Consider...
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